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You had a sprinkler system installed at your Canton home or business to take advantage of the convenience of not having to drag out the hose to irrigate your lawn and to automatically have your lawn looking green and lush all through the growing season.

Unfortunately, like all things mechanical in nature, there are times when your sprinkler system may develop a problem and needs repairs to get the full benefit of why you had your system installed to begin with. So the next thing that comes up is who are you going to call to make those repairs to your sprinkler system so you may enjoy the convenience and keep your lawn looking and feeling great? You have choices, but, you best choice is to call Canton Michigan Lawn Sprinkler Services company. We are the sprinkler repair company that has been serving Canton for over 25 years with the best sprinkler repairs and the most reliable lawn sprinkler services.

We don’t just come in and make a quick repair and leave. We come in and check out your entire sprinkler system so that we can inform you of any potential problems along with making sure that your current problem is solved. We work on all sprinkler systems regardless of the brand or who installed your system. We only use commercial grade sprinkler parts when we make repairs to your system. Some others will attempt to use lower grade sprinkler parts to save you just a couple of bucks this time and then again when those parts fail later on. We believe in doing the job right and we do it right from the very beginning. Because of what we do and the way we do things, we are also able to offer you a warranty on all of the parts we use. That’s refreshing to know that we are that sure of ourselves that you can have your sprinkler system repaired with peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong with what we do, we’ll be back once again make it right.

For all of your sprinkler repair needs in Canton, give us a call. We are the leading professionals waiting to serve your Canton Michigan Lawn Sprinkler Services needs with quality service and highly trained professional sprinkler service technicians.  Call 734 238-2256  or Email


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